September 2020

Week beginning  28/09/20

Balancing games

We have been practicing our balancing skills, carefully using the stepping stones to get across the murky swamp!

……Watch out for Mr crocodile!


Joy in the room

We were very active even in wet days! we had lots of fun puddle jumping and splashing around in the rain but we also enjoyed some fun inside with parachute games.


Let’s search for…

First week of October, our children became marine detectives looking for all of the creatures that live in the sea……they helped to reunite the octopus family, searched for the crabs and helped the whales and dolphins find the deeper water!

The dinosaurs were on the loose, we had to watch out for the T rex as he was being very tricky!
At the end of the week we were polar explorers and enjoyed searching for all of the animals….. we couldn’t find the polar bears as they were hiding in the snow, then a swirling snow storm blew across the playgroup and when it stopped we could see 2 beady black eyes…… 2 fluffy ears……. a shiny black nose poking through the snow…..Guess who it was!

Week beginning  21/09/20

Outdoor painting

We’ve been lucky to have such fine weather for the start of term. We’ve been trying to bring as much of our play outside as possible to give the children and staff plenty of space and fresh air.  They have enjoyed bringing their artistic skills an outing.



Sensory playdough with lavender

The Playhouse smelled lovely the day we made lavender playdough. It was in fact a feast for all the senses – as well as the smells, the wonderful colour, the squishy texture and the crunchy extras.


Fairy potions and goblin soup

One of the joys of being outside is that we don’t need to worry too much about the mess that follows cooking and making magic.  The children enjoyed making sparkly potions and serving soup and tea.  We hope that not too many goblins made it home in the children’s pockets!


Pretend campfires and marshmallow toasting

We have all started noticing the changes in the weather and the world around us over the last couple of weeks.  We enjoyed preparing for the arrival of autumn, with its shorter days and longer evenings, by lighting a campfire and toasting marshmallows.



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