October 2020

Week beginning 19/10/20

This week we have continued to explore the seasonal delights of Autumn, thinking about what we see, hear and notice in our environment.
The children really enjoy the mud kitchen area and often the heavy rain brings so many learning opportunities! This week a group of children spent a long time excavating and mark making in the mud follow the rain.


The children noticed that the rain brought out the worms, they were really interested in looking at the different sizes of worms and also started asking questions about what worms eat and why they came out in the rain, to support this interest we looked at some of our fact books which led to the children wanting to make a worm habitat.


The trees finally started to drop their leaves this week so we used them to make some outside artwork, here’s a little hedgehog we made together, other children made faces, cars and lots of other animals, it was lovely to listen to the children talking about the size, colour and texture of the leaves and why each leaf was perfect for their picture.


With halloween fast approaching we all enjoyed some pumpkin fun, scooping out the insides of the pumpkins, counting the seeds and then using the pumpkins for some colourful threading with pipe cleaners.


We had lots of messy fun doing fruit and vegetable printing, some of the children decided that the round carrots looked like pumpkins so once the paint was dry they drew faces onto the prints to make halloween lanterns.


Some of the children showed a fascination for our eight legged friend the spider! searching the gardens for any that they could find…. they noticed that the light rain highlighted the beautiful webs made by the spiders so we brought that interest inside and made some sparkly webs with glue, glitter and sequins.


We enjoyed a sorting activity using our Autumn tray, the children sorted all of the things in the tray into groups noting the texture, smell and colour of everything….. they even sorted piles of the small black beans and lentils which was very tricky!!!


We have all had a fantastic half term together and have enjoyed exploring and learning about the world around us.

The staff are all busy over the half term holiday thinking of new ideas to support the children’s interests and development and are all looking forward to welcoming all of our families back to the playhouse! Have a safe and happy half term ☺


Week beginning 12/10/20

This week we were focusing on the sights, sounds and textures of the changing season, the beautiful autumnal colours, the crunchy leaves that are so much fun to play in and the shiny prickly conkers.
We explored our Autumn sensory tray with bright vibrant colours, seasonal spices and also lots of conkers, acorns and some lovely orange pumpkins, we scooped and poured and used all of our senses to explore the tray.


We had lots of fun working together making light catching leaves, cork printed trees and leaf rubbings to make a beautiful group hanging mobile.


We became bug detectives looking for all of the different insects in the tuff tray and then we explored our garden using our magnifying glasses to see what other minibeasts we could find…… We were all super excited when this friendly bee stopped by.


Some of our children decided to make their very own band and used the pots and pans from the mud kitchen to create some very loud and unique music.


We did some threading, using corks, laces, beads and pipe cleaners we had lots of fun creating lovely knots with the laces and also some beautiful beaded pipe cleaners that we turned into bracelets and also super power bands, this activity is great for strengthening the muscles in our hands that we use for mark making and other fine motor activities in daily life.


On Friday Sarah, Monika and Fiona helped us to use the real tools, we thought about how to keep ourselves safe and how to use the tools safely and we really enjoyed using the hammers to tap nails into the log.


What another busy week!



Week beginning 05/10/20

What a busy week!

This week there’s been lots of muddy fun! We had lots of fun making foaming muddy puddles, and enjoyed splashing around in them making lots of bubbles!


We  made lots of chocolate cakes, Dinosaur stew and Pizza stirring and mixing and creating a fantastic feast.


We made some great shapes and patterns using our gems, crystals, snowflakes and rings, following the lines carefully.  We also made some patterns and shapes of our own.


We all had a great time practicing our mark making skills at the office this week! When we arrived at playgroup there were lots of office stations dotted around with all sorts of fun things to explore like sticky notes, diaries, computers, phones, envelopes, magic pens and lots of paperwork to do, we were very busy!

We also made the most enormous train track you’ve ever seen which was inspired by the Terrific trains story which is one of our favourite stories of the moment, the track was so long it covered most of the playhouse floor, we loved the tunnels the most.



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