January 2021

Week beginning 25/01/21

The children were very excited to arrive at the playhouse and see that we still had snow in the back garden, there was lots of running about, scooping and exploring the snow and ice, some children tried to make a small snowman but unfortunately there wasn’t enough…… maybe next time


Some of our children are showing an interest in construction and decided to use the lego to create some fabulous structures, it took looks of concentration and the children carefully selected the bricks making sure it was the perfect piece. Here are two of their finished models.


Who wants to be a letter detective??
We have been looking at the initial letters of our name and also some of the phase 2 sounds. The children loved collecting something from the basket and then trying to find the correct initial letter, they worked together as a group and managed to find all of the correct places! Well done our letter detectives


We have been thinking about being kind and kind behaviour this week, the children have thought about what they can do that is kind, helpful or might make someone else happy.Lots of the children displayed some very kind behaviour and were awarded stickers and also fish scales for the rainbow fish WELL DONE!!


We have also been thinking about colours and colour mixing, the children moved the paint around beneath the clingfilm to mix the paint and then looked at the colours they could make. Some children don’t enjoy getting messy hands so this was a perfect activity as they could feel what the paint felt like and mix the colours with their hands but didn’t get messy


We perfected our snipping and cutting skills using a herb sensory tray, it was great fun snipping the different herbs and smelling all the lovely aromas. Some of the children thought that they could make a perfect caterpillar home with the pieces of herbs that they snipped, another thought it might make good soup. The playhouse smelt lovely.


On Thursday we were all happy to see Victoria from Start Sporty who played lots of fun games with us to help keep us active……. we pretended to be our favourite characters and then had to listen to instructions about which way to move or stop…. We also played some team games. It was so much fun and we can’t wait to see what we will get up to next time with Victoria


Some of the children have become avid weather forecasters….. trying to predict when we might have more snow, so we’ve followed this interest and have been thinking about the weather, what we need to wear in different weathers, what weather we like best. We thought it would be great fun to make a large piece of artwork as a group so we have been busy painting, collaging and gluing to create some ceiling art……. Keep an eye out for updates to see the finished piece!


Continuing on from our focus on mark making and fine motor skills that we were practising last week, We became animal rescuers, we used our excellent skills to rescue the small colourful animals from the spider’s web….. it was very tricky trying to retrieve the animals without touching the web……thankfully all of the animals were rescued and are safely back in their box after the adventure!!


It’s always interesting to watch play unfold and this picture demonstrates perfectly that one person’s perception of a jumble of toys or a mess is another’s fantastic play experience….. This is an imaginary pirate cave with treasure and adventures, a group of our children spent an extended period of time creating a narrative to go with their play and it was great to listen to and watch. Play is not always clean and tidy and is sometimes messy but the benefits for the children can be huge




Week beginning 18/01/21

This week we have been focusing on mark making at playgroup.Lots of the activities helped us to sharpen our fine motor skills so that we can control our mark making tools

Threading different sized beads and buttons onto pipe cleaners really helps our fine motor skills, some of the little beads are really tricky and take a lot of concentration.


Squeezing the pegs to put them on the washing line helps to strengthen our finger muscles too.


Placing the correct amount of candles on the cakes not only helps up with our maths skills but also our fine motor skills, we really loved playing role play birthday games with the cakes too!


Using tweezers and tongs to pick up the fruit and fill the pie was lots of fun, we also colour matched the fruit to the bowls, we decided that apple pie was the best pie!


Lots of the children enjoy having painted nails for special occasions so today we drew round our hands and used paint to paint the nails, we liked choosing different colours to paint the nails and had to be very careful to paint only the nails


Lots of our children enjoy playing with cars so we decided to attach some pens to the cars for a different mark making experience that encompasses their interest, they really enjoyed watching the marks that they could make and it brought about a lot of discussion and also encouraged those reluctant mark makers to have a go.


We used our fine sand mark making trays to make all sorts of different marks, we had lots of different tools to make patterns and marks in the sand, some children made pictures others practiced writing their names and others just enjoyed the sensory experience…. it was lots of fun!
If you wanted to have a go you could use lots of different things if you don’t have sand like glitter, flour or salt or if you enjoy messy play you could try shaving foam too!


A group of our rising fives have been practicing and learning some of their sounds (phonemes) and so we did some colour by sound pictures, the children took great care to not colour outside the lines


We also took our mark making outside and did lots of fun activities out there including our tally charts for birds visiting the feeders we made for the garden and also some mud pictures using natural resources!


We found out there were so many things we could do to help our mark making skills and that there were lots of things that incorporated our favourite toys too. The general opinion was “Mark making is great fun!!




Week beginning 11/01/21

This week as the weather is cold we have been thinking about all things cold and snowy, the children were hoping that we would have some real snow to play in…..maybe one day!
We all worked together as a group to make our big snowman, the children all thought about what we needed to make him.
Meet Freddie the snowman!



The children used their super cutting skills to cut out shapes and assemble their own little snowmen, We also sent activity packs to the children who are not coming to playgroup at the moment because of lockdown and they sent us photos of their snowmen they made.



Here are some of the other special packs we have ready to send home to the children who are staying at home so that they can join in the fun.



We made some snowflakes for our seasons twigs display, the children also thought of some fabulous descriptive words like “frozen” ” icy” “swirling” watch out next week for pictures of our new display



Following on from our ice and snow theme this week we also became Polar detectives, working out how to free the trapped penguins from the ice. The children realised if they used the pipettes to squeeze water onto the ice it melted and released the penguin. It was great to see the children working together to solve the problem!

As it’s so cold outside in our forest school session we thought about what the birds might eat, we had lots of suggestions like spiders, worms and Berries. The children then looked to see if they could find any of those things in the garden….. we didn’t manage to find any so we thought about what we could feed them instead. We decided to make some Pinecone bird feeders with lard and seeds. We also have a tally chart and pictures of garden birds so we can mark down what birds come into the playhouse garden and also in our gardens at home. The children who won’t be coming into playgroup also had a home learning pack so that they could make one too…… i wonder which birds visit our gardens the most??

We had so much fun when we made our small snowmen with the different shapes that we decided to do some more shape play, using the different shapes we have at playgroup to make pictures.

What a busy week we’ve had!

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