February 2021

Week beginning 22/02/21

We were all very excited to be returning to the playhouse following the half term and also to be welcoming back a few more children who had been staying at home since Christmas. It was lovely to see old friendships rekindled and lots of new play ideas and friendships formed.
We were so pleased to welcome the lovely sunny weather too and have been enjoying lots of outside play and exploring.
Here are some of our sunshine and spring inspired pictures that children painted outside this week
“Beautiful Flowers”


” A rainbow”


“Orange flowers and grass”


“Lots and lots of flowers, all over the place”


We also had lots of children searching for treasure,spring flowers and feathers…. Some children pretended to be pirates and even made treasure maps to help them find new treasure! When we were looking for our treasure we also uncovered some wonderful minibeasts that seemed to be enjoying the warmer weather too


A bucket of ittle white feathers and some oak leaf treasures


Making some flags for the sand and mud castles which the children built to hide some of their treasure! “We need flags for our castles, we do then we know where the treasure is”


Just before the half term holidays we were using our shape knowledge to create rockets, today we continued exploring shapes and their properties, naming our shapes and counting their sides was lots of fun especially when we had printed the shapes on our paper with lots of colourful paint, some children used the shapes to create pictures whilst others enjoyed the sensory fun of the paint.


We also used some of our threading shapes to create some shape art whilst helping to strengthen our fine motor muscles, the rectangle was called “rainbow rectangle”
We have all enjoyed the sunshine and warmer weather this week so we started on our seasons collaborative art project for spring, we are going to create a lovely tree with blossom and budding leaves for the playgroup cupboard door to replace Freddie the snowman, some of the children started by making the tree trunk and branches…… watch out next week for our finished project.


AND………. All of the children were really excited to hear that Sophie has booked our chick hatching experience for this year and we will be receiving 10 lovely eggs on the 15th March. Each year we use the hatching program supplied by The Living egg project, who supply everything we need to incubate and hatch our very own Waterbeach Community chicks. Our families then rehome the chicks once the program finishes and we love to see the updates about how the chicks grew and changed. Watch this space for more fluffy chick updates ☺






Week beginning 08/02/21


This week we have been thinking about space, some of the children were talking about the planets and solar system, they were thinking about their favourite planets and what they knew about the planets…..They noticed the different sizes and colours of the planets and helped to create our very own
solar system display


We used our shape knowledge to make some wonderful space rockets. We had to choose the best shape to create our rockets and then carefully stick the shapes onto the paper. We then decorated the black paper with some sparkly stars


We were all excited to see Victoria again this week who helped us to stay fit and active. We practiced our ball skills, throwing and catching balls and also using our super listening skills playing musical bumps….. we all had so much fun!


This week our stories have been about supertato and his vegetable friends, they have lots of adventures together and try to defeat the Evil Pea he is a very tricky character who likes to cause all kinds of mischief and likes to shout “Mwah ha
ha ha”

We had a go at making our very own super veggie heros adding special capes and googly eyes, some of the children thought that the veggies should have superhero crowns too

OH NO……. What has happened to our veggies!!!
When we came back the next day we were shocked to see our superhero veggies had been captured by the Evil peas!!!! We had to rescue them all using our very own super powers and cutting skills

We also practiced our cutting skills cutting the leftover vegetables and our safety knives, chopping the vegetables to make some vegetable soup.


When we came to the playgroup this week we noticed some very funny markings in the snow…… We thought these looked like chicken’s feet

We thought that these might belong to a Giant who had been stomping around the garden when we went home


We had lots of fun with the playgroup ladies, trying to make snow people and also loved making and throwing snowballs to see how far we could throw them….. it was icy cold and we all warmed up with some lovely hot chocolate


We are very lucky at playgroup that we’ve got lots of lovely talented people that support us by donating things and making us super resources…… This week Andy made us these fine motor boards, we use them to trace the patterns with our fingers and also line small shells,bolts and other natural resources along the wiggly patterns…… Thank you Andy from everyone at Playgroup ☺



Week beginning 01/02/21


Lots of our children are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the snow , trying to predict if and when its going to be snowy and taking an interest in weather reports, so we have been focusing on the weather this week. We were also continuing our being kind and working together strand from last week so we have spent a lot of this week producing collaborative art projects to decorate the playhouse.

We thought about what is our favourite weather and made some art work to reflect this….. We all agreed jumping in puddles was lots of fun! and we all love long hot summer days with lots of swimming and yummy ice cream!
This ceiling art was produced by all of the children who attended playgroup, we asked them to think about the different colours and textures they needed and they worked together


The children have enjoyed using the calendar board and thinking about what day,date, weather and season we are in


We have had lots of different mark making opportunities available and the children have been drawing pictures of different types of weather, some have shown a real interest in rainbows and have been drawing lots of colourful rainbows….. its lovely to see lots of colour and enthusiasm to brighten up the playhouse


One of the youngest children asked an adult to draw incy wincy spider because the rain comes down and washes the spider away, the adult drew a spider outline and asked if the child could copy, the child then said “No I need to make eyes and toes, he needs boots on cos the rain he does” if you look very carefully you can see the spider’s toes and boots


We thought about all areas of learning this week using the weather interest and today the children were identifying the numbers in the clouds and then adding the correct amount of raindrops, a child noted that” if you only had 1 rain drop then you wouldn’t get very wet, but if you had 5 or 100 you would get really wet!!”


We had lots of fun playing parachute games in the garden, we sang lots of songs including the weather songs we’ve been learning….. everybody liked to sing I hear thunder and the sun has got his hat on


We also engaged in lots of fun messy activities this week but our most favourite was when we rescued the animals who’d got stuck in the slime, it was really gloopy and stretchy and hard work to release the animals….. but eventually we managed it!!


Towards the end of the week we began thinking about the moon and space. The children wanted to have the moon and a sun on the ceiling and this brought about a lot of talk about the solar system, our favourite planets and also rockets…….next week we will be investigating this!☺


Finally our story of the week was Supertato….. the children loved to hear about what the veggies got up to. Remember to check your freezer because you never know, the Evil pea might have escaped and be up to mischief!!!! Mwah Ha ha Ha


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