March 2021

Week beginning 22/03/21

Well what a busy week! We have all enjoyed a fabulous last week together to mark the end of the spring term.
We have continued to enjoy looking after and caring for the playgroup chicks, they have really grown this week and already their wing feathers have started emerging and they have been very loud and VERY messy!!


We have been enjoying lots of Easter themed activities…… today we were amazed to see so many white bunnies at playgroup, we had lots of fun counting and sorting them into families and groups, we hid some of the bunnies around the playhouse and then tried to find them in a bunny hunt!


We have made some beautiful Easter cards during the last few weeks to send happy messages to our families and friends, we really enjoyed creating our very own decorated eggs and chicks to go on the front of our cards, we also had a go at drawing eggs and designing lots of fun patterns……We all decided that an egg shape is tricky to draw!!


We had a great time decorating the eggs in the tuff tray, we used lots of different craft materials to make bright and colourful Easter eggs


We also had a go at making papier mache eggs using water balloons and lots of newspaper and sticky glue… it was lots of very messy fun and we all enjoyed the sensory experience. That day lots of multi coloured children went home after we decorated the eggs with paint as it was very tricky to try and keep the eggs still and they kept slipping around


This week we have also seen lots of imaginative and collaborative play, the children wanted to play picnics so we had lots of groups of children dotted around making their own picnic parties, it’s lovely to listen to the children share their play ideas and create roles for children who want to join the play. We also saw lots of compromise and discussions from the children about the best ways to include everyone. Well done to all of the children.


And finally…… The staff would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of the children and parents for all the wonderful support, kind wishes, lovely cards and gifts. We really appreciate it and can’t wait for a summer term of fun!

Week beginning 15/03/21

Well we have had an extremely eggciting week this week as we welcomed the living egg project back to the playhouse. On Monday we took delivery of 10 rather precious chicken eggs and an incubator and the waiting for the pitter patter of tiny feet began


We were very lucky to capture a chick emerging on video that we would like to share with you, the children were absolutely fascinated watching the chick emerge from the egg and just how quickly they begin walking about and become fluffy and soft
Please click here for the videos : )   Fluffy Happy Chicks  Emerging Moment


We had 8 chicks hatch who all emerged on Wednesday and Thursday, the children had lots of fun picking names for them and they were named
Fluffy rainbow
Chicken dinner
Corn beef
Cute Rosie
Here are some photos and a video of the chicks, they are really noisy this year and chirp a lot….☺🐣🐥🐤


There were lots of other fantastic things going on this week, but it was so hard to not be drawn back to watching the cute chicks and all of the funny things they get up to like going to sleep standing up or in their food bowl!

We did some egg and chick themed activities including measuring ourselves, making papier mache eggs that we are looking forward to decorating next week in time for Easter

We also did lots more construction and shape based play, building towers, necklaces and lots of other construction

We also tried some Yoga with Victoria from start sporty, the children really focussed and engaged in this activity and have asked if they can do it again soon

Week beginning 08/03/21

This week we have continued to encourage the children to explore the world around them, looking for new growth, minibeast and other things that interest them, we spent time making some special binoculars to help us see and then the children had lots of fun running outside as nature detectives.

We continued to build on our mark making skills using lots of messy play experiences, the most popular was the shaving foam table, the sensory experience of the soft foam and the great way the children could create marks and pictures was a real hit! For those who preferred less messy activities we used wipeable pens, white boards, acetate sheets and also the usual mark making equipment that the children can independently access.

The children had a go at still life painting this week using the beautiful vibrant yellow daffodils that have been appearing everywhere as a welcome spring.
The children all approached the activity in different ways and it was fantastic to see their observations, the children were asked what they needed to be able to paint a picture of the daffodils and then they just painted what they saw, the pictures are absolutely fabulous and we currently have them adorning the playhouse walls adding such colour and warmth

Continuing the theme of still life and creating artwork based on observations some of the children drew self portraits using mirrors. We encouraged them to really look at their individual features and talk about what they saw, it was lovely to observe how closely they looked in the mirrors and tried to recreate what they saw.

As always at playgroup we have enjoyed being outside in all weathers and have utilised every inch of the garden, digging in the mud kitchen, making mud castles, working together to move the larger objects like tyres and logs to create structures and dens and also spending time cleaning and tidying our outside spaces. It’s really important that the children have lots of outside experiences where they can investigate, explore and follow their own lines of inquiry and interests. We also encourage the children to take pride in their environment and look after the toys, resources and natural habitats.

Building on an interest shown in den building we had a morning of making dens and houses where the children could play and work together.
The children used foam bricks,mats, crates, boxes and some fabrics to create their own dens. Each group seemed to have very different ideas of what constituted a good den, some liked to be fully enclosed others liked floors and simple walls, this is great activity for indoors and out and i’m very sure that we will have many more den building days in the coming months

We have all had such fun this week and our excitement is continuing to build as we anticipate the arrival of the living egg project on Monday…… Remember to pop back and check out the pictures of our chick hatching experience




Week beginning 01/03/21


This week we have been focussing on the changing season and have been looking at all of the changes that spring brings, the children have been looking for spring flowers, buds on the trees and signs of reemerging life, they noticed the lovely pink spring blossoms so we have made some beautiful blossom inspired artwork.

First we used twigs and tissue paper to make some blossom pictures and then we made a collaborative art project for the cupboard door of a blossom tree.

We also did lots of exciting book themed activities all week to celebrate World book day.
At Waterbeach Community Playgroup we incorporate books, stories and the written word in fun and exciting ways to really spark our children’s imagination to inspire them to become book lovers.

We have lots of favourite stories at playgroup like the supertato series, room on the broom, Cave baby and little rabbit foo foo to name just a few, so we encouraged each child to think about what their favourite stories are and why, the children really amazed us with their choices and reasoning.

We also explored lots of the traditional tales like Goldilocks and the 3 bears and the 3 little pigs and thought about the characters feelings and emotions


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