April 2021

Week starts April 26th 2021

This week we were exploring the story of Handa’s surprise. It’s a lovely story based around a little girl called Handa who is taking a basket of fruit to her friend Akeyo. Along the way she meets some very cheeky animals who each take their favourite fruit from her basket until it’s empty…… but all is not lost because a very angry goat comes to the rescue in the most unusual way leading to a big surprise for both Handa and Akeyo.
This story is a great learning tool teaching themes such as friendship and also tackles the subject of taking things without permission, the children thought about how they might feel if somebody took things from them and also had a lively discussion about sharing.
We also had a tasting day where we all tried some of the fruit in the story, this brought about lots of discussion about taste and textures and also developed descriptive language. The pineapple was spiky and rough on the outside but juicy and soft on the inside and the avocado was smooth and creamy.
We then made a chart to display our favourite and least favourite fruits.
There was also lots of animal play making homes for the animals and also thinking about how each of the animals move and also what noises they make.
What a fantastic week of learning and exploration we had!

The first two weeks of term!

Lots of the playgroup children took part in our colour challenge over the Easter holidays. Everyone was given a special bag and asked to find as many items as they could of a specific colour. Family and friends could also sponsor the children in recognition of their efforts.
We were absolutely astounded not only by the amazing variety of fun things the children found but also by the FABULOUS amount of £458.00 that the children raised. In the coming weeks we will be talking to the children about what resources that they would like to have at playgroup and voting on what to spend the money they raised on…… Watch this space


We were so happy to welcome back all of the children old and new after the Easter holidays and settle them back into the playgroup routine. We made sure there were lots of favourite activities on offer for those returning to enjoy and also for the new children to explore.
Making and exploring playdough


Playing in the sand, as the sun shone the children started to think about summer and beach trips so decided it would be fun to make some sand castles.


The children created some colourful collages and lots of lovely pictures, we love the children to show their own ideas and creativity so we encourage them to choose the resources they use and think about what they might need to create their masterpieces.


Once again construction and shape play was a firm favourite with many of the children, there were some amazing structures and buildings built and also lots of wonderful collaborative projects for all to enjoy.


We all had a great time when Victoria from start sporty came for another fun movement session, we love going on our fun adventures together and exploring how we can move our bodies.


The children have been really interested in treasure hunts and treasure maps, we have been encouraging them to use their super mark making skills to create their very own treasure maps including the X marks the spot. They have been finding all sorts of wonderful treasure in our garden.


Following on from our bean and sunflower growing we started last term, we spent an afternoon clearing and weeding our fruit and veg patch so that when our seedings are stronger and the frosts have gone we can plant them out….

We planted a few more seeds so the newer children could watch them start to sprout and grow.




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