May 2021

Week beginning 3rd May 2021

This week we have been exploring shape and have had lots of shape related activities to explore together, The children used the shapes in lots of different ways and we were amazed to see just how versatile the resources were. We had a cafe that sold shape soup, shape pictures and collages and lots of different enclosures made for different purposes.
The children noticed similarities and differences in the shapes and looked for those shapes in the environment around them.
It is always lovely to see child led play and exploration, children transporting resources and using them to facilitate their play. This type of play can often seem disorganised and untidy to the adult eye and we are often asked how this is possibly learning, but if you really look at what the children are doing  it is amazing. Not only is play lots of fun but your children are also
Developing language skills and new vocabulary
learning important social skills, making relationships, working together
Developing listening skills and responding to others ideas
learning cooperation and sharing skills
Developing problem solving skills and idea
Developing  their imagination and creativity
Increasing dexterity and developing gross and fine motor skills
Children learn so much through play and we encourage and facilitate children’s play at Community playgroup so that they can develop  and have strong foundations to build on as they move through their learning journeys from pre school onwards.
 If you happen to stumble across a cafe selling shape soup or a group of budding builders please try to stand back and marvel at what wonderful creative play you are witnessing and embrace the mess because these are such important moments in your child’s development

Week beginning 10th May 2021

Following on from our shape exploration and also to support the children’s interest we explored minibeast this week in particular the butterfly.
We looked at the lifecycle of the butterfly and also had a go at making some caterpillars.
We also looked at the symmetrical patterns on butterfly wings and had a go at recreating some patterns of our own using shapes. Of course our story we looked at was “The very hungry caterpillar”  this a firm favourite with all of our children, they love to join in the repeated refrain and also label all of the things that the little caterpillar munched through.
Children at community playgroup have easy access to mark making equipment and other resources like scissors and glue both inside and out whenever they want to and it’s always lovely to see how they use the resources available this week we had lots of beautiful butterflies but also rainbows and family portraits too and lots and lots of scissor practice going on

Week beginning 17th May 2021

This week has been one of lots of outside play, the children love to use the outside spaces to their full potential and are often out come rain or shine.
We have had lots of construction, digging in the mud kitchen and exploring the wildlife we are sharing the garden with.
Some of our children love to make enclosures and houses using mud  cement to join the bricks, they work together to make orderly straight lined enclosures which represent their houses, they then make dinner in their houses and have a party.
Some of our children enjoy being outside so much it’s important that we provide learning opportunities that meet their needs both inside and out, here the children are enjoying exploring the number slices and number cards. placing the pegs into the wood slices to reveal the number, not only are they explore numbers they are also developing their fine motor skills by manipulating the pegs into the holes in the wood slices
At community Playgroup we think that it’s really important that the children learn to care for the resources and playhouse environment, so we always encourage them to take an active role in helping to clean and tidy up when we’ve finished playing and exploring  . Today a group of children were helping to weed, sweep  and tidy up the playground…… We also found lots of ants who had made their home along the edges of one of the fences
Inside there was lots of foamy fun, the children were using shaving foam as another medium to practice theri drawing and mark making, here is a beautiful flower and butterfly from one of our budding artists
………And finally this week we received some lovely new toys that we had brought to help with our counting skills, one of which was some number cookies in a cookie jar, we had lots of fun playing and singing “who stole a cookie from the cookie jar” This got our minds whirring with ideas for other fun songs we could sing whilst using resources so the children could act out the songs. One of the suggestions was to make some currant buns so we could sing the currant bun song, so on Friday we spent time making our own set of salt dough buns. The children helped to weigh and measure ingredients and then stir and mold the dough into bun shapes. After they had been baked we painted the buns… this space for the update when they are finished
What another  busy week of fun and exploration!  …….We can’t wait for next week where we will be beginning to think about keeping our bodies healthy and will be exploring how to look after our teeth.☺


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