Newsletter April 2019

Newsletter April 2019


As the weather slowly starts to get warmer, we have been enjoying more time in the garden. Our Committee has successfully applied for a grant from the October Fund which we are using to finance some fantastic new resources to support learning outside including two purpose built sheds (one for literacy and numeracy and one for sand and water play) so that children can help themselves to pencils, paper, measuring sticks, jugs, funnels or whatever they need to enjoy their learning in the garden.

We have also had some interesting visitors to Playgroup this term. The first was an Ofsted inspector who spent the day with us on 20th March assessing our provision. We are delighted that following the inspection we have retained our “Good” rating. If you would like to read the report it is available on .

Our other visitors were decidedly more fluffy: we hatched 10 chicks from the Living Eggs project this term. The children saw several of the chicks hatch and really enjoyed giving them names and watching them in their brooder. The staff also supervised the children holding and stroking the chicks helping them to learn about caring for animals and the importance of washing their hands afterwards.


Waterbeach Feast is on Saturday 8th June. Our theme for Feast this year is Minibeasts. Look out for emails in the coming weeks about arrangements for the Parade and our fundraising stall.


Cake Sale Our Committee is holding a cake sale to raise funds for new resources for Playgroup on the last day of term: Friday 5th April


CI Photography will be coming in to Playgroup on Friday 14th June to take group photos. If your child doesn’t usually come on a Wednesday morning but would like to be included in the photos, please speak to Jacqui or Fiona. We will have two group photos, one for everyone and the other a leavers’ photo, just for children going up to school this year.


Family Bunting – We are collecting photos for our Family Bunting. We started the bunting last year: please have a look over the book corner as it is looking really nice. Each child can decorate their own flag to display their family photos. If you don’t have any group photos, individual ones are fine (and pets are welcome too.)


30 Hours Funded Childcare

30 hours free childcare is now available to qualifying families. To find out if you qualify for Spring 2019 (and to register if you do), please go to  If you are interested in booking your child in for 30 hours or would like to use some of your entitlement with us please speak to Jacqui or email


Lunches –.Please do not include any sweets or chocolate bars and try to include at least one portion of fruit or vegetables. We provide children with water at lunchtime, so please don’t include a drink. If you are looking for healthy ideas for lunches the Childrens’ Food Trust website has some helpful advice or speak to a member of staff.


Mobile Phones – A quick reminder that the use of mobile phones, cameras or personal electronic devices of any sort is not allowed anywhere on the premises (including the front garden). This is for the safety and privacy of the children. If you are coming in to Playgroup for a meeting during the day, we will ask you to leave your phone at the front desk.


Toilets – If parents or carers would like to assist their child to use the toilet in the morning, please use the adult toilet in the reception area as other children may be using the children’s toilets. In order to safeguard all of our children and respect their privacy the only adults allowed in the children’s toilets are staff.


Waterproofs and wellies –  Please remember to send your children’s wet weather clothes in in their drawstring bags. These can be stored at Playgroup – or taken home each day. Please keep sending your child with spare clothes as water play is always available too and please check to see if the clothes in your child’s bag still fit them. Please don’t send your child in crocs, flip flops or other loose fitting shoes as they are not suitable for climbing on the Play structure.


Sun Safety – As the weather gets warmer, please apply sunscreen to your child before they come to Playgroup. You can leave sunscreen with your child’s Key Person to top up during the day. Please leave a long sleeved t-shirt and sun hat in your child’s bag during the summer too. For safety reasons we regret that children are not allowed to wear sunglasses in session.

Please label all your child’s belongings as this really helps staff.


Uniform Our blue Playgroup t-shirts and sweatshirts are available to purchase (£7 per t-shirt, £11 per sweatshirt) They come in the following generous sizes 1 – 2 (t-shirt only), 3-4 and 5-6. We usually have some in stock, please speak to Jacqui if you are interested.


Parent Rota  We welcome parents and carers to come in and help at one of their children’s sessions. We really appreciate the help and it is a nice way to understand your child’s experience at Playgroup and get to know their Key Person. Please look out for our Parent rota on the notice board if you would like to join us for a session. Parents can also join us at their child’s Forest School session, please speak to Jacqui or Fiona if you are interested.


Extra Sessions – We are happy to take one-off bookings for sessions where we have spaces. We charge for extra sessions at the same rates as our normal sessions and ask for payment in full when booking. Sessions must be booked with Jacqui so that she can check that space is available and payment must be made in advance. Please see Jacqui for full details.

 Facebook– Join our Facebook group for more updates and pictures of our activities!

Our website ( has full details of term dates,


Library Dates

We visit the library every 3rd Monday- see dates below. Please make sure that library books are in book bags on library days because if they are not returned, we will be unable to take your child over to choose new books:

20th May

10th June

1st July –  books back only

If your child is not here on a Monday, they can borrow books from Playgroup (your child’s Key Person will write details in their home diary)


Dates for Your Diary

Friday 5th April – Cake Sale

Friday 5th April – Playgroup closes for Easter

Thursday 25th April – Summer Term Starts

Monday 27th May to Tuesday 4th June Half Term holiday (Playgroup closed)

Saturday 8th June – Waterbeach Feast

Friday 14th June  – CI Photography – group photos

Thursday 18th July – Summer Term Term closes.

Friday 20th July –  Playgroup Leavers’ Celebration Day



  • We are a nut free building. Please do not include any nut products in your child’s lunch.
  • We regret that we cannot dispose of nappies on site. Please make sure that you collect nappies from the bin by the front door.
  • If your child is ill and cannot come to Playgroup, please call and let us know. If they have experienced vomiting and/or diarrhoea, they are not allowed to return to Playgroup for 48 hours after the last incident.
  • Please label all your children’s belongings. Staff spend a lot of time trying to find children’s coats, gloves, jumpers etc. and we do occasionally have items of clothing getting lost or going home with the wrong family.


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