Preschool Diary 2018 – 19

13th November

The mild late Autumn weather has meant that we have had some fantastic Forest School Sessions so far this term. A couple of weeks ago we joined forces with the Waterbeach Toddler Playgroup and held a joint Forest School session which was great fun, then everyone came back to the Playhouse for a warm up and a snack before WTP headed back to Burgess Road. It was a great opportunity for our staff to work with Wayne’s team and the children enjoyed meeting some more of the children they will be going to school with next year.

For the last couple of weeks we have been exploring colour and shapes with the children in the woods. Last week, we took full advantage of the beautiful autumn leaves to do some colour matching. We were amazed at how precise the children were in grouping leaves on each of the coloured sheets and how much discussion and cooperation took place during the activity

This week, we looked at shape. The children found small sticks, laying them down carefully along the outlines of large paper cutouts of a square, circle and triangle.

Later on the children used sticks to draw the same shapes in the mud of the woodland floor.


31st October 2018

Autumn fun continued today with some very messy, squelchy pumpkins to scoop out. Scooping out the seeds (as well as being fun) helps to develop arm and hand muscles to support gross motor skills. Sorting the seeds with tweezers is more tricky and helps to develop finger muscles and hand-eye co-ordination needed to support fine motor skills. Both of these skills are essential when children want to use cutlery, draw pictures and start to write.

29th October 2018

The children returned to preschool after their half term break today. The weather has become much colder this week and there was even some frost in the garden first thing this morning. We had prepared an Autumn sensory tray for the children to explore new textures, colours and smells with crunchy autumn leaves, slippery, shiny pulses, fragrant cinnamon, star anise and bay leaves, nobbly pumpkins, pomegranates, pine cones and a few little spiders.

As well as their eyes, hands and noses, the children used magnifying glasses to explore and spent time sorting, collecting and counting their finds in baskets, pots and trays.

This spider got his own warm hat…

…a fantastic collection of beans, lentils and spiders….

…a playdough pumpkin with a stalk, just like the ones in the tray…


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