Playgroup photo gallery 2020 – 2021

Summer term

Welcome back boys and girls.

We will post new photos each week so that you can see what your children have been getting up to. Please do come and check in regularly.

We hope that this will give a flavour of what we get up to at the preschool for prospective parents too, who very sadly are not able to come round and visit at the moment because of the restrictions we have in place due to COVID-19.


Week beginning 24th May 2021

This week at playgroup we have been thinking about our health and wellbeing, we think it is so important for our children at community playgroup to know how to look after their bodies and also their emotional wellbeing.
We spent time thinking about our emotions and how we are feeling, sometimes things make us happy or sad or maybe things surprise or frighten us. We think it is so important that children can label their emotions and talk about how they are feeling.
We also thought about how we can help others and ourselves to feel better, happier and less frightened. We had lots of resources and fun activities on offer including our favourite Robbie the rabbit who helps us to understand our feelings.


We also had great fun exploring how to keep our bodies healthy, we thought about
* How to exercise and keep our bodies active with lots of fun games and activities.
* What foods we can eat more of and which foods we should eat less of.
* How to keep our bodies hydrated and how important it is to drink lots of water.
Whilst we were thinking about keeping our bodies healthy we also focused on oral health and keeping our teeth clean and healthy, the children really enjoyed our teeth cleaning activities and we had lots of discussions about which foods and drinks are good for keeping our teeth healthy and also those which are not so good.
Dental decay is fast growing in this country and it’s not uncommon for very young children to have to have teeth extracted. Fortunately tooth decay and associated dental issues are highly preventable. Ensuring our children at Community playgroup are equipped with the knowledge to care for their teeth from a young age increases the likelihood that they will maintain healthy teeth through childhood and into adulthood. Here are some of the activities the children enjoyed.


To extend their learning about how to keep their teeth clean and healthy all of our children were given a teeth cleaning pack to take home which contained an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush, some toothpaste and a sticker chart and stickers. This helped the children to talk to their families about what they had learnt at playgroup and maybe encourage family discussions about teeth.


And Finally………………
We started our summer tree display, we have had lots of fun creating some group craft projects displaying the different seasons from Autumn to Winter, through to spring and now onto summer. The children had a great time thinking about descriptive words for summer and once again we were absolutely amazed at their wonderful ideas. Here is a sneak peak of the start of our summer tree, and some lovely buzzy bees……….but come back at the beginning of next term to see our finished displays.


Stay safe and have fun!

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