Playgroup photo gallery 2020 – 2021

Autumn term

Welcome back to the new year at Waterbeach Community Playgroup.  We’re enjoying seeing our returning children again, and starting to welcome new children week by week.  It’s great to see our little community grow!

We will post new photos each week so that you can see what your children have been getting up to. Please do come and check in regularly.

We hope that this will give a flavour of what we get up to at the preschool for prospective parents too, who very sadly are not able to come round and visit at the moment because of the restrictions we have in place due to COVID-19.


Week beginning 23/11/20


It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas!
This week we have been exploring the nativity story, we listened to the story and then had lots of fun trying on different costumes, there were lots of angels, shepherds, kings and of course Mary and Joseph.
The children also started making some christmas cards for their families. We decided that we would make some reindeers and Christmas trees using their finger prints, we all had a great time finger painting and creating lovely cards.
The children enjoyed decorating the felt christmas tree with lots of different felt ornaments, peeling the velcro decorations off of the tree was great practice for our fine motor skills.
We all enjoyed exploring a baking tuff tray, we spent a whole day scooping and pouring, whisking and sieving, there were lots of lovely conversations around what our favourite things to make and bake and also learning some new vocabulary centred on baking. The children have requested we do this again very soon.
Every area of learning can be covered with most activities this was demonstrated beautifully when one of our little 2 year olds realised you could make marks in the flour. Children explore activities in many different ways and it’s lovely to see children using activities to further their particular interests.
Some of the children asked if they could make bracelets and necklaces, we gave them lots of different beads, buttons and alphabet beads and they made some beautiful jewelry.
We received some lovely new paints this week and the children enjoyed lots of free painting, it’s amazing to see children create such wonderful paintings and share them with the group with such pride. Here is one of the masterpieces created this week.
We were all very excited to see Victoria from Premier sports who took us on a jungle adventure with Mo! We became slithering snakes, tall giraffes and some very cheeky monkey’s! whilst exercising our bodies.
Another busy week! ☺
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