Playgroup photo gallery 2021 – 2022

Week beginning 16th May 2022

New beginnings
Continuing to explore growth and change we asked the children and staff to all bring in photos of when they were babies, we looked at how we had all changed, not only in appearance but also the things we can do. We had lots of fun guessing who each photograph was. Here is a selection of those pictures….. what a lot of beautiful babies!!
We were all very excited to receive our hatching kits and 5 lovely duck eggs this week. We carefully nestled them into the warm incubator and the waiting began, watching the eggs wobble and hearing faint chirping increased  the excitement and anticipation! We were so excited to see the first signs of pipping which is where the duck begins to make tiny holes in the shell ready to hatch. The duckling makes those tiny holes around the circumference of the egg before they are finally able to emerge.
We were lucky enough to witness the amazing hatching process and we all watched in awe as the little ducks made their way out of their shells.
One of our ducks took a little longer to emerge and didn’t put in an appearance until the weekend, Sarah took the ducklings home for the weekend and provided updates for the children so nobody missed out. We were absolutely thrilled to have all 5 eggs hatch successfully.
Once the ducklings were a few days old, eating well and beginning to grow we were able to introduce them to water, we were amazed to watch the ducklings splashing around and show natural instincts when they were still so small.
🦆Ducks everywhere!🦆
We had lots of other duck activities going on in this week alongside the hatching experience, we investigated the lifecycle of ducks, spent time creating beautiful duck art and also practiced our counting skills with the 5 little ducks song…….

Week beginning 23th May 2022

Health and well-being week

🦷🪥Oral health, keeping our teeth clean and healthy🦷🪥

This week we have been thinking about being healthy and caring for our teeth, we’ve had lots of fun making some low sugar recipes like

Orange, oat and banana cookies
Strawberry, melon and blueberry jubilee fruit skewers
Banana muffins
Vegetable  muffin pizzas
We also looked at the sugar content of many of our favourite foods and thought about what we can eat more of, what we should eat less of and the best time to eat these foods.
We practiced our teeth brushing skills with some fun resources and also every child has a special teeth cleaning kit so that they can take care of their teeth at home and  add a sticker to their chart….. The staff are looking forward to seeing some completed sticker charts and lots of sparkling clean teeth 😊🦷🪥
👑 Our Platinum Jubilee celebrations 👑
We finished this half term having a lovely day celebrating the queens platinum jubilee.
We made some magnificent golden crowns, created some fantastic portraits of the queen, made some flags and colourful bunting, and decorated  some special cakes and biscuits. Eating our biscuits and cakes in a mini street(playground) party was a real treat and  lots of fun 😊
And…… A little duck update
The ducks have continued to grow and thrive, we have loved watching them grow and change and of course their daily swims have been been an absolute highlight! The ducks will be staying with Sarah for a couple more weeks until they are old enough to  move to their permanent home  with one of Sarah’s friends who has a lovely large duck pond and is an experienced keeper.
This year is a very exciting year for everyone at playgroup as we turn 50!
So over the holidays we are asking all of our children to take part in a 50 challenge, whether it’s completing 50 star jumps a day, cycling 50km or even baking 50 cupcakes to share with family and friends.
 We hope that family, friends and neighbours will sponsor the children to generate much needed funds that we can put towards new learning experiences for the children attending and hopefully for generations to come.
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