Summer Term 2022

Week beginning 9th May 2022

🦋🐛Growth and change🐛🦋
This week we have been focusing on growth and change and have had lots of fun looking at how we and other things in our environment grow and change.
We looked at the lifecycles of various insects and amphibians, we worked together to put the cycles in the correct order and thought about similarities and differences and also what changes we could see at each point of the cycle. The children really enjoyed using the magnifying glasses to really explore the changes.
🦋🦋We spent time creating some beautiful butterflies using different media and materials, here are some of the ones the children made using felt pens, the children carefully selected the colours they wanted and used their fantastic colouring skills. Some of the children knew that the butterflies wings needed to be the same,  symmetrical and others wanted to make new butterflies that were like rainbows 🦋🦋
We created some lovely bright sunflowers,  the children observed what sunflowers look like and then set about recreating some using the card and seeds, many of our children were able to talk about what plants and seeds need to grow and how to take care of plants.
🪴🌻Planting beans and sunflowers🪴🌻
All of the children had fun planting some sunflower and runner bean seeds to take home to look after. They are all excitedly waiting for the first shoots to appear and then we will be measuring them each week to see who can grow the tallest sunflower and tastiest beans for dinner. The children enjoy the responsibility of looking after the beans and sunflower seedlings we have at playgroup so we are hopeful their green fingers will bring some beautiful sunflowers to our wonderful village
📏🧱How tall and I?🧱📏
In  our STEM activity this week we used masking tape to measure how tall we were and then placed our foam bricks alongside the measurement lines to see how many bricks tall we were, it was lots of fun trying to guess how many bricks tall we thought everyone was. Bricks are an easy and consistent measuring tool and the children enjoyed counting the bricks to decide who was tallest.
 🐣🦆Welcome to the playgroup ducklings 🐣🦆
As part of our growth and change theme we are really excited to let you know that we will be taking part in a duckling hatching program for the last two weeks of term. We will watch the miracle of the ducks hatching and look after them for a week or so  before they go off to their permanent home with one of our friends of playgroup who has a big duck pond  and lots of duck rearing experience. The children will then be able to see photos and videos of the ducks as they change from fluffy little duckling into fully mature ducks.
Come back next week  and we will share this amazing experience with you

Week beginning 2th May 2022

This week we have been very busy beginning to make our costumes and stall decorations for the much anticipated return of Waterbeach Feast after 2 years of cancellation due to Covid.  We are all really excited to take part not only in the parade but also to run a stall on the village green with lots of fun and games. The children have loved helping us to make things and are so excited. I am not going to post any pictures here as I don’t want to ruin the surprise……  but be sure to look out for Community playgroup and their “Something beginning with N” entry
🩺🥼Is there a doctor in the house?🥼🩺
This week the children have been exploring lots of different role play looking at occupations and jobs. Their absolute favourite at the moment is the Doctor role play, we have had staff bandaged up like mummies and lots of other health checks going on….. I’m pleased to report everyone is now in fine form and all ailments were cured by our very enthusiastic doctors 😊
 🌈☀️ Rainbows and sunlight   ☀️🌈
This week the STEM activities were focusing on creating rainbows using the sunlight and old CD’s . The CD’s have a mirrored surface which has spiral tracks and pits which help to diffract the sunlight and split the Colours and because the surface is mirrored the light is reflected to your eye. The children thought it was magical and loved experimenting. We then looked at changing what we saw by adding paper with patterns cut into it to change the way the light was diffracted.
The children were so excited to see what happened and spent time exploring changing the patterns. This is such a fun activity which can even be done on a dark day by using torches instead of sunlight
Next week we will be looking at growth and change so be sure to come back and see out what we have been up to 😊

Week beginning 25th April 2022


This week we have been welcoming our final group of new children to Community playgroup so we have been revisiting lots of our favourite activities – as the new children explore the environment  the existing children rediscover the joy in toys that they haven’t chosen to play with for a while.

We’ve had lots of fabulous construction as usual, it’s always lovely to listen to the children excitedly telling us all about their latest creations and the amazing things that they can do, the children are very precise and select the bricks they need with care placing them onto their models.

Our wonderful artists
Part of our early years provision is always having access to paint and mark making equipment so that our budding artists can create these wonderful pictures, for some just the sensory experiences of simply applying paint and mixing colours is all they are interested in whilst others paint purposefully and then share what they have created with others.
 STEM – Mazes
This week the children were challenged to make a maze that they could drive a car through going from one side of the table to the other, this activity was great for helping to develop not only their fine motor skills but also encouraged them to plan and test their mazes which develops their thinking and problem solving, the realisation that a misplaced straw blocked the cars way and then thinking how to rectify the problem was a tricky task but the children persevered and were so pleased with their mazes.
 “Look what we’ve made”
Our children love to share what they been making and will often ask us to take photos of things they have created for their online tapestry journals, they are always proud of their achievements and we feel it’s so important to acknowledge all of their achievements so we often have lots of pictures like these.
Towers that are built seeing just how high they can make them and also if they can make towers taller than the adults in the setting.
Magnificent diamond houses made from 2d shapes
Wonderful space ships and flowers made using construction disks
It’s lovely to look back at all of the wonderful things our children do and we hope you enjoy looking at what they’ve been up to

Week beginning 19th April 2022



Easter holiday challenge 50

This year Waterbeach Community Playgroup celebrates its 50th anniversary so as part of our fundraising efforts we set the children and staff a challenge to complete a sponsored event. The idea was each person could choose what they wanted to do with a 50 theme, we had lots of very creative and original ideas from 50 goal kicks, 50 hits of a tennis ball over the net, 50km bike rides, 50 bounces on the trampoline, 50 star jumps on the beach and also baking 50 different cakes to share with family and friends….. what wonderful challenges! and together we managed to raise over £1000 which is amazing! Well done to all of our challengers and a big thank you to the families and friends for helping us to raise such a huge amount
When we returned to playgroup following the holidays we continued this challenge as some of our children hadn’t been able to take part during the holidays, the children and staff marked out a circuit in the garden and then we all tried to complete as many laps as we could and used a tally chart to count each lap completed.
 Construction and balancing
We love a bit of construction at community playgroup and this week we enjoyed the glorious sunshine by making large scale construction in the garden using logs, crates and planks. The children had to work together to make various different construction, listening to each other’s ideas and working together to move the big pieces of construction.
The children made some fantastic structures, but were really interested in making bridges, as you can see they carefully placed the crates and planks and then tested each part of their bridge as they went along. It’s always wonderful to watch the collaborative play and see just how children communicate and work together for a common goal.
  Celebrating Earth day
We spent some of this week thinking about our wonderful planet and the ways we can help protect it.  We read the Michael recycle story and thought about recycling, we had a go at sorting items that can be recycled or repurposed.
 Lots of children were very aware of the amount of rubbish they see laying about and we talked about where we should put our rubbish and what happens if we are not good at cleaning up our rubbish. We looked at the impact rubbish has on marine life and our seas and oceans, making some lovely fish and jelly fish for our oceans and seas display. We  made some rather fabulous planet earth’s using coloured water pipettes and some cotton wool pads exploring capillary action in our STEM session and also created some Earth cookies. It’s amazing how much young children know about keeping our planet clean and healthy and how they are very proactive in helping to protect it.

Week beginning 28th April 2022

🌹🌸💐Flower potions💐🌸🌹
We began this week perfecting our scissor skills making some lovely flower potions, We used our super scissor skills to cut the flowers, stems, and petals and then mixed them with water to make our very own perfumes and potions. It was lovely to see and listen to the children’s ideas and conversations about the flowers what they wanted to make and how they were going to do it.

🌱Growing beans🌱
Following on from our colored daffodils project in science week, we planted some beans in a poly pocket so that we could look at the bean plant roots and how they take up the water they need. Beans are great to use as they grow really well on paper towels so it is very easy to look at the roots, The beans quickly swelled in the humid conditions, and very soon tiny shoots were emerging. We have enjoyed watching how the bean plants have changed from the tiny shoots at the beginning right through to the last day of term when the bean plants have grown to nearly 10cm and have lots of curly roots which look just like drinking straws that allow the plant to take up the water.
🌸🐣Spring blossom and Easter chicks.🌸🐣
We have been noticing that the trees around us are beginning to bud and blossom, the children had great fun creating some blossom pictures using screwed up tissue paper and glue, we used some thin sticks that we found in one of our forest school sessions and then the children added lots of lovely pink blossom. Some children have noticed the blossom falling from the trees and swirling around in the wind as they’ve walked to pre school, so there was lots of lively conversation about how the blossom moves around in the wind.
Monika also started looking at some Easter projects with the children including some lovely chicks for the children to college. Easter is at the very end of the school holiday this year so we will be exploring all things Easter when we return after the holidays please look out for more Easter fun once term starts.
😊Outdoor fun and hula hoops!😊
We love lots of outdoor play and keeping our bodies active at Community Playgroup so have had lots of fun in the fresh air this week, from mud soup and pies in the mud kitchen to lots of climbing and zooming down the slide on the play structure. We also used lots of other different apparatus and resources, but one of our favorites this week was the hula hoops. We had so much fun trying to spin our hoops, jump through them, and also rolling them around the garden.
🎨🖌🖼We are creative!🖼🖌🎨
And in our art gallery, this week is a rather fabulous octopus dragon eating a big apple, a fire-breathing dragon, some beautiful flowers and also a rather fantastic painting!
Our children have free access to lots of mark-making equipment every day and often amaze us with their fabulous artwork, we hope you enjoy looking at their magical creations
This year is a very exciting year for everyone at playgroup as we turn 50!
So over the holidays we are asking all of our children to take part in a 50 challenge, whether it’s completing 50 star jumps a day, cycling 50km or even baking 50 cupcakes to share with family and friends.
 We hope that family, friends and neighbours will sponsor the children to generate much needed funds that we can put towards new learning experiences for the children attending and hopefully for generations to come.
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